own your very own OTT CMS for life

Amrick OTT CMS

Our core flagship product - Amrick OTT CMS is now available for anyone who wants to start and get into this lucrative OTT business without breaking the bank. Our OTT CMS is a one time purchase (Perpetual License), cost effective and you can own it for life without the need to pay a monthly or yearly fee to maintain it. Support and a customized SLA plan can also be included as an OPTION for those who priortize the importance of having one.

Our OTT CMS is fully customizable according to your look and feel, so that you can establish the branding that you want to portray to your customers. We can also setup everything for you from scratch which includes the Origin Server and also includes manpower to manage your site as well, leaving you a peace of mind to solely focus on your business.

Our OTT CMS caters for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD and also PVOD models. You can have as many subscribers registering in your OTT platform and you can also upload and publish as many contents as you wished to your subscribers which includes LIVE Streaming Channels as well, there is no cap or limit to how many you want to add them over to your OTT platform.

Our OTT CMS also comes with Android and iOS apps ready for you to publish them on Google Play Store and also on the Apple Store. Our OTT CMS comes equipped with 4 famous Payment Gateway at your disposal namely PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay and Paystack. We can also integrate your preffered local Payment Gateways as well with a small development fee.

You can extract the database of your Subscribers and also the database of all Transactions within your OTT platform at anytime and for as many times as you want. Our OTT CMS also comes with Analytics and you can add on more specific Analytics that you wished to track for a small customization fee.

Once you have purchase our OTT CMS, all you need to do is just to subscribe to the other important components to complete your OTT platform such as Content Delivery Network (CDN), Cloud Storage and also Digital Rights Management (DRM). We can suggest these 3 components to you or you can use any of your preferred choices instead.

Click on the following link to checkout more of out OTT CMS in action, if you want to see a LIVE demo or would like to have a test account for trial purposes, please kindly Contact Us for more details.