some of our non-exhaustive list of case studies


National Film Development Corporation

Supplied, install and commission a Deep Archiving system and advanced Network Switches for FINAS in 2013. Before that FINAS has been facing difficulties as there was no way to track and meta-tag all of their offline Assets. Furthermore, it takes a long time to copy or move large video files throughout their network.

With the introduction of our latest and advanced Network Switches, we are able to help FINAS to resolve their previous networking issues. Also it is now easier to browse, search and know what sort of media files are being stored in their LTO library thanks to our Deep Archive system.

Media Prima Berhad

One of the biggest commercial Broadcaster in Malaysia currently broadcasting 4 Free-to-Air TV Channels, 5 Radio FM Channels and 4 Local Newspaper prints. We have Supplied, install and commission a Graphics Playout system for their TV3 Channel in 2013.

The Graphics Playout system was mainly used for playing Solat times according to the ‘Waktu Solat’ from a renown and reliable RSS feed provider. At times, the Graphics Playout system will also be used to playout emergency crawlers whenever needed since Media Prima wanted a separate Graphics Playout system which they can quickly and easily use to playout crawlers on any of their 4 different Channels without interfering with their current Graphics Playout system from their existing Master Playout Automation.

Telekom Malaysia

One of our biggest national Telco with more than 60 TV channels currently streaming on their own Unifi TV platform. In 2017, in partnership with Sky Pictures Sdn Bhd, we have supplied, install and commission a Channel-in-a-Box playout solution which are fully running in a Redundant mode for Malaysia’s first Indonesian Channel namely Pesona HD.

It is also TM’s first Channel operated mostly from the Cloud, where the Playlist and Video files are uploaded and synced daily over a secured and dedicated fixed IP from a remote location.


Phnom Penh Cable TV

One of the biggest Cable TV network in Cambodia, currently broadcasting more than 16 Channels and one of our loyal customer, PPCTV has to date ordered 7 Channel-in-a-Box Video Playout Automation servers from us since 2013.

As they transition from Analog to Digital Video Broadcasting, they are thankful with the ease of executing Secondary Events and playing out dynamic CG and Graphics in their own Khmer fonts, coupled with that, the proposed Playout Automation gives them complete freedom to automate their workflows, therefore gone were those days where they have to solely rely on doing everything manually.

Also their latest Free-To-Air Channel – CTV8HD which has gained a lot of traction and popularity is completely running on our Channel-in-a-Box Playout Automation.

South East Asia Radio & Television

SEA TV provides Free-to-Air channel with contents focusing on local News, Education, Cultural, Boxing and also LIVE performances. As their content becomes increasingly more, SEA TV struggle initially to categorize and meta-tag all of their current Assets.

However, thanks to our Media Asset Management (MAM) system that we have proposed to them since 2015, we are able to help SEA TV to sort out of all their Assets in an organized and easy to locate manner and also in their own traditional language – Khmer fonts.

SEA TV has been one of our loyal customer as well purchasing Channel-in-a-Box Playout Automation in the past to ON-AIR their current Free-to-Air channel.


Myawaddy TV

MWD TV is a military TV stationed at Nayphidaw. They provide many interesting Free-to-Air contents such as Documentary, Shopping, Music, Movie TV & Series and Local News coverage as well.

In 2018, We have supplied, install and commission new, brighter and more power conserving LED lights for their main News and Chroma Key Studio setup.

Thanks to our newly installed Spotlight/Floodlight and also Fresnels, the lighting effects during their LIVE news coverage now seems more natural and attractive as compared to their previous lighting setup.