effective strategies for a long-term and secured business continuity plan

In today's challenging role for broadcasters, many face the uncertainty of when their equipment will fail or when they will face unexpected downtime during ON-AIR or perhaps when to be prepared for such an imminent disaster. Act earlier to secure your business by ensuring that your TV and Radio Channels never goes black ON-AIR due to unforseen circumstances. Protect your business by ensuring that your broadcast facility is always equipped with a contingency plan. With careful planning and correct implementation strategies, you can be assured that your business are always secured and protected and your channels never goes OFF-AIR.


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For Broadcasters who are in a volatile location that is prone to natural disasters or Broadcasters who simply want to have a peace of mind by having a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) running concurrently with your Primary site in order to ensure a Business Continuity Plan is effectively in place, we have the technical know how to propose this setup for you.

It can be a small scale facility with adequate equipment to ensure your TV and Radio Channels never go OFF-AIR, which can also be scale to a fully fledged expansion site that is capable of performing concurrent Broadcast of your additional Channels and in turn those Channels can also have a Business Continuity Plan at your current Primary site. The benefits of having a DRC not only brings security and protection to your business but also as a means of other possibilities as well. Contact us for more info.
Most of the Broadcasters nowadays who uses a Playout Server to ON-AIR their channels are usually equipped with a second Backup Playout Server for Redundancy Playout. Talk to us if you need an additional Playout Server for Redundancy and rest assured that you will have a peace of mind and your business is always protected as your TV or Radio Channel/s never goes OFF-THE-AIR.
As today's Cloud technologies and security begans to mature, deploying or migrating to Cloud Computing can bring huge benefits for your business and organization with ease of day-to-day opeartions. You can also keep all your Video / Audio Contents in the Cloud, giving you the possibilities to access and work on them remotely. Contact us for more info.
Moving towards a tapeless broadcast in your environment can bring huge benefits as your precious Contents are now in the digital format which allows ease of file movement and duplcation within your facility. With the capabilities to insert Metadata on each of your Video / Audio Assets and also automatic generation of Proxy Copies (Low Res), these benefits ensures that you have the correct format for simultaneous multiple Broadcast platforms.

Another benefit is that since your Contents has now become digital, you can retrieve them easily and instantly at anytime or perserved it for a long-term duration such as in a Deep Archive, this crucial process will ensure that your operators do not need to manually find the individual Contents in your Tape shelf during mission critical Broadcast. Contact us for more info on how we can design this tapeless environment for your current facility.