what we do and a brief history of ourselves


Amrick Solutions was incorporated in the year 2013 with a mission to provide System Integration consultation and services to our IT & Broadcast customers who are constantly overwhelmed with thousands of solutions in the present market. Our specialized team was engaged and has served many customers from TV stations along with private and also governmental organizations.

Equipped with a vast technical knowledge in the broadcast industry, we understand the complicated process that comes along when trying to integrate many systems together to achieve a single functionality for your business. That's why we strongly believe that every organization should only purchase the solutions that they only need and eliminating unnecessary wastage into the wrong products or solutions that have fail to meet their expectations.

But with so much solutions and systems to choose from, it's always a challenging task to procure the right and cost effective ones. We can help to bridge this technical gap for you, by providing only the solutions that you want and at the price that you wanted to buy.

We have partnered with many prominent and cutting edge solutions provider and we are certain that we can find something that suits your needs. There is no distance that we are not willing to go as your satisfaction is our no. 1 priority.

Because of this commitment, Amrick Solutions has managed to engage with various customers across South-East Asia, by breaking the technical and price barrier, we have secured many projects ranging from Pay-TV Operators, Telcos, National Film Archives, Regional Broadcasters and also National TV Stations as we continue to grow ourselves to be the preferred partner and vendor for our customers domestically and also internationally.


Lee Kok Chuan (a.k.a. KC Lee) has more than 10 years of experience in the TV & Radio Broadcast industry. Graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology from University of Northumbria, KC firstly enter the Broadcast industry as a Business Development Manager for a prominent Video Playout Automation organization that has tremendous growth and success worldwide.

Possessing vast and deep technical 'know how' on Video Playout Automation, Media Asset Management systems and many more solutions, KC has served many local and international customers by deploying various configurations and complexity in turn-key projects and also end-to-end setup across the APAC region ranging from new and small startup TV stations to established private and national Broadcasters.

"No matter how small the setup may be or how vast the projects that need to be deployed, there is no greater joy and enthusiasm in seeing Broadcasters succeed with their ambitions." - KC Lee

Our Vision

To become the leading System Integrator for the South-East Asia region.

Our Mission

To become the preferred vendor for your IT & Broadcast solutioning needs.

Our Statement

We empower your business by bringing you the best of breed solutions in the market at a cost effective price.

Our Commitment

To provide you with the best support and after sales services without compromise.