operating expenditure plans to support your business


We are able to design various OPEX plans for our customers to support their existing business models or perhaps to create new business models for them and to realize their goals one step closer. As the traditional CAPEX model might not be applicable anymore for certain broadcasters and they should not impede themselves with such a traditional way of doing business.

As a CAPEX model might slow you down on your return of investment and you might need a significant workforce to manage and maintain your purchased broadcast equipment and not forgetting the Annual Support Maintenance that you will usually need to pay yearly to upkeep your systems that are running consecutively for 24/7.

In our experience, we have come across many broadcast workflows and implementation setups and we are confident that we are able to provide a suitable and attractive OPEX plan or SaaS for you that comes complete with a Service-Level Agreement (SLA Contract) along with a workable 1 year, 2 years, 2+1 years or even a longer period of OPEX plan subject to our customer desires.

From providing an OTT setup at the lowest cost, outsourcing manpower to manage your facilities to just plain renting Playout servers or even some broadcast equipment from us, we can do them all for you.

Contact us for more information and an in-depth discussion for such OPEX plans and what we have to offer.