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October 2020

• We have finally launch our e-Store! Do check it out often from time to time for some exciting promotions and also discounts!

• Amrick Solutions has just partnered with Thor Broadcast, the leader in fiber solutions for the APAC market.

June 2020

• Amrick Solutions has partnered with Gates Air to provide transmission solutions for the Malaysian market.

• Amrick Solutions has partnered with Datavideo, the leading vendor in Production Switcher, Converters, Mobile Caster, PTZ cameras and many more for the Malaysia market.

May 2020

• Amrick Solutions is now an authorized partner of Caton Technology for the South-East Asia (SEA) market, the pioneer of Reliable Real-Time Transport Protocol (R2TP) which helps end users to save up to 80% of their transmission cost by utilizing their technology on their headend and streaming platforms.


September 2019

• Amrick Solutions is now a partner for Avmatrix, a leading manufacturer in Broadcast Converters, Production and Matrix Switchers, Signal Generators, Multiviewers, Fiber Optic Extenders and Distribution Amplifiers.

• We are now partners with Lupo, the leading Broadcast and Film lighting manufacturer from Italy.

June 2019

• Amrick Solutions has just partnered with Telikou Technologies, a manufacturer of wireless and wired Intercom systems for the APAC market.

May 2019

• Amrick Solutions has now team up with FileCatalyst, the world's leading File Accelerator provider.

• Amrick Solutions has been appoiunted as an authorized dealer for Media Excel for the SEA markets, the leader in professional encoders.

• Amrick Solutions is now the authorized reseller for VSN, a leading manufacturer in many sophisticated systems for Broadcasters including their famous NRCS, MAM and also their Workflow Automation solutions.

April 2019

• Amrick Solutions is now a parter of Avermedia which is a manufacturer of encoders, AV Capture cards and many more solutions for the AV industry.

March 2019

• Amrick Solutions is now a partner for Brightcove, the leading OTT solution provider worldwide with many big customers currently on their platform.

• Amrick Solutions is now a partner for ViewZ, the leader in professional Broadcast monitors.

February 2019

• Amrick Solutions has just partner with Bluefish444 which is the manufacturer of very high end Video I/O cards, broadcast converters and professional ingest systems.

January 2019

• We have just teamed up with Softron, the leader in Video Playout Automation for Mac Operating Systems.


November 2018

• Amrick Solutions has now partner with BlackMagic Design, the leading Broadcast Converters, Video Glues, professional Cameras, Color Grading systems, 3D Chroma Key systems, Disk Recorders, Capture and Playback devices, Film Scanner, Test Equipment, Multiviewers, Matrix and Production Switchers, Streaming and encoding and many more!

May 2018

• We are now a partner with Cuba Broadcast, a Video Playout Automation and CG & Graphics playout provider.

• Amrick Solutions is now a partner for Drastic Technologies for the SEA region, which specializes in Video QC and Test & Measurement solutions.

January 2018

• Amrick Solutions have been invited to participate in the first MAM & Digital Archiving open day & seminar held at Wisma Bentley, Mutiara Damansara in Malaysia. For more info, please check out our events .


December 2017

• We have just partnered with SI Media, the manufacturer for great solutions such as Video Playout Automation, Broadcast Management System, Media Asset Management and more for the SEA region.

July 2017

• We are now the partner for Aja Systems, the leading high-end Broadcast Converters, Video Glues, Streaming solutions and many more for the country of Malaysia and also the SEA region.

• We have partnered with Konvision to provide professional and high grade Broadcast monitors for our Broadcast customers.

• Amrick Solutions is also now the partner of Apace systems, the leading MAM & Storage solution provider.

June 2017

• We have been appointed by JMR which is the leading provider of NAS & SAN Storage solutions from USA and also made in USA for our SEA region customers.

• Amrick Solutions now partners with Torque Video to provide high grade compliance recorders to the Broadcast industry for the SEA region.

February 2017

• Amrick Solutions has partner up with Accusys to provide Thunderbolt 3 NAS & SAN storages for our customers in Malaysia and also for the APAC region.


October 2016

• Amrick Solutions has been appointed by PlayBox Neo to once again be the authorized reseller for the world-wide famous Channel-in-a-Box solutions for the SEA markets.

September 2016

• Amrick Solutions is now a partner with Arista to provide high quality and broadcast grade Network Switches that supports SMPTE 2022-6 for SDI over IP switching.

• Amrick Solutions now partners with Elti to provide TV Analogue and Digital DVB-T/H/T2/T2-lite, ISDB-T/Tb and ATSC Transmitters, Repeaters, Regenerative Repeaters and Gap Fillers to the APAC market.

• Amrick Solutions is now a partner with AccepTV as a Distributor for the SEA region focusing on Video QC (Quality Check) solutions for Broadcasters, Content Providers and other vertical markets.

• Amrick Solutions now provide various Studio Lighting and consoles being as an authorized partner for Canara Lighting.

June 2016

• Amrick Solutions has just partnered with Easy Media Suite as a Distributor for Video Playout and MAM solutions for the South-East Asia region.

• Stream Labs has appointed Amrick Solutions to become the Authorized Distributor for specialized Video I/O cards and Video Monitoring solutions to the SEA markets.

• Amrick Solutions is now a partner with Athensa for South-East Asia region for Playout Automation solutions.

• Amrick Solutions has partnered with Avmeda as an Authorized reseller for Video Playout Automation and MAM Web Based solutions.


December 2014

• Amrick Solutions is now an Authorized Distributor for SkyLark Technology for South-East Asia markets.

February 2014

• eMAM has appointed Amrick Solutions as the Authorized Reseller for the Malaysia market.