solutions that brings out the possibilities for your broadcast workflows

Specialized solutions are usually needed in order to complement and to enhance the workflows of your TV and Radio broadcasting in your facility. These solutions are in high demand due to the value that they can provide and the ease of managing your broadcast Workflows within your organization. Broadcast will never be the same, yet more efficient with these specialized solutions.

Specialized Solutions

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Over-the-top (OTT) has become the latest and current trend these days for broadcasters to monetize quickly in the current broadcast industry. In order to cater to viewers who are more demanding and would like to watch their favorite contents on-the-go or anytime they wished through the devices that they preferred, you will surely need a good and viable OTT CMS (Content Management System) to begin with. Viewers satisfaction have become so demanding these days that broadcasters in the past are having trouble coping with them. But with today's emerging OTT technologies, broadcasters are able to bridge this gap easily by streaming their favorite contents to their subscribers on multiple devices based on the SVOD, TVOD, AVOD or PVOD models.

Broadcasters who realize this business potential are earning a significant revenue not only from their subscribers but also through commercials as well. With our OTT solution namely Amrick OTT CMS , you can quickly monetize this very lucrative business by tapping into this new broadcasting trend. Our OTT CMS can manage and organize your contents with ease through Metadata, maintain a large database of your current subscribers, perform on-the-fly adaptive bitrate streaming along with Closed Captions subtitling on all of your contents and most importantly to protect your precious contents and LIVE Channels via a DRM (Digital Rights Management) system all the same time to prevent content theft.

You may start with one or two Channels first or several Channels at once with Video On Demand (VOD) services included for your subscribers. Geographical constraints is no longer an issue as you can also stream your contents to other regions or perform Geolocation restrictions as well at your convenience. You can include your preferred Payment Gateways as well or use our included in-the-box Paypal and Stripe Payment Gateways to quickly get started and efficiently collect fees from your subsribers.

Our OTT CMS is fully customizable according to your preferences. Included are also Android and IoS apps which will allow your subscribers to watch your OTT with ease on their mobile devices. With built-in analytics, you can quickly see which content are being consumed most by your subscribers, how much are you earning in a month and many more that can help you to plan ahead in your OTT business. Depending on your requirements, you can usually start an OTT service on a small scale and gradually grow as your loyal subscriber demands for more contents increases. Our very own Amrick OTT CMS is a one-time payment only with annual maintenance and technical support or SLA (Service Level Agreement) included as an option to make sure your OTT CMS is always performing at its peak and never breaks down.
If you are looking for a VOD solution for your hotel, look no further as we can provide a few choices for you based on your budget and requirements. It can support UNLIMITED no. of TV screens and Video Contents as well. The only limitation lies in your current network infrastructure and the no. of TV screens that you have in your hotel. While it can act as a VOD and relay Free-to-Air channels at the same time in your vicinity, you may also include IPTV, Pay Per View and Internet service and also showcase the main attractions of your hotel to your customers.

All you need is an existing network infrastructure running in your hotel and Set Top Boxes for each of your TV screens. If you need to, we can also prepare the end-to-end solution for you which includes System Integration of various peripherals working together to achieve this goal. With our VOD solutions, your customers will always return to your hotel to turn on the TV in their rooms.
Protect your ON-AIR channels with encryption and scrambling if you are a Pay TV Broadcaster. As you certainly won't want non-subcribers to watch your Contents freely which will cause you to lose revenue quickly if left unchecked. With our sophisticated Encryption and Scrambling solution with multi layer encryption, your hackers will have a hard time cracking and stealing your airwaves.
We provide solutions for Closed Captions and Open Captions subtitling for your TV Channels. As a Pay TV Broadcaster, inserting multi-language subtitles over your Channels can certainly be very helpful for your viewers especially for those with hearing impaired or with language barriers. Contact us for more info.
A Media Asset Management (MAM) system is a very powerful solution for any Broadcasters, as it helps to keep your Media Contents within your Broadcast facility organized and always available at your fingertips. By being able to Categorize and insert very specific Metadata into all of your Contents along with the ability to create Storyboards, perform simple video editing, create multiple file versioning and multiple Projects at the same time. All these workflows in turn will allow you to search and retrieve any Content that you want easily and quickly within your Network Storage or even from your Deep Archive Storage.

With today's fully evolved MAM systems, it can be integrated with various 3rd Party systems as well such as a Broadcast Automation, NLE stations, Video Playout & Ingest Servers, Content Factory, Newsroom and many more. Acting as a one stop center for managing, archiving and distributing your Contents, you get to set various permission and access rights to unlimited no. of users from various departments that would somehow need to retrieve and work with the Contents stored in your MAM facility.

For example, you might want to send the RAW materials to the Video Editing department to do the video edits and then later distribute it to the Master Control Room (MCR) for playout and ON-AIR. Once the Content has already been ON-AIR, you can store it back within your Online Storage for later re-broadcast or perhaps to move it over to the Deep Archive storage for permanent Content perservation or even perhaps to automatically purge it instead based on predefined Digital Rights Management (DRM) policies. It's all yours to control and you determine how you want your Content to move along in your Broadcast facility.

Most MAM systems also come with a built-in File Transcoder, allowing you to automatically generate low proxies for quicker viewing of the Media Assets within your LAN & WAN network or perhaps to send several different file conversions from the same Content for playout and ON-AIR purposes through various broadcast platforms. And with today's matured Cloud Computing and Storage, you can even opt for a MAM service by putting all your Contents over the Cloud and perform all the workflows mentioned above through the Cloud instead. We have several MAM solutions that we can offer to you based on your budget and requirements, whether you are planning for an enterprise MAM solution with Deep Archiving or a small scale MAM, whatever your needs are, we are confident to propose you the right MAM for your Broadcasting needs.
If you need a Content Factory generating multiple and simultaneous Video file formats automatically with different Bitrate, Compression and Wrappers for Broadcasting in multiple different platforms, we have the solution just right for you. Please contact us for more details based on what you need.
Checking the quality of your Video files before putting them ON-AIR is extremely important as you won't want to afford Broadcasting your Contents with Video artifacts such as Black Frames, Frozen Frames, Lip-Sync issues, incorrect Video Parameters and the usual culprit which is the Audio being not normalize for each of your Contents. With our powerful Video File Quality Check solutions which includes Auto-File Correction and Audio Normalization capabilities as well, rest assured that your Contents will always have to pass the Green Flag checks before being put ON-AIR.

While you ensure that you always deliver good quality Contents over the Air, your customers and viewers will always be pleased viewing your Channel/s as well. Contact us for more information.
We have solutions to perform Waveform and deep Video & Audio Signal Analysis of your LIVE Video signals or IP to ensure that it meets all the SMPTE Broadcasting standards and all its Video parameters are checked correctly for compliance during LIVE transmission. Just as important as a Video File QC solution, the Waveform and Video Signal Analysis will ensure that your transmission via Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable TV and IPTV are consistently in good and high quality Broadcast.
We provide high end real-time IP Multiviewer and Transport Stream Analyzer with Mosaic Monitoring feature as well for all your Monitoring needs especially if you are a Satellite, Head-End Operators, TV Channel Broadcasters or an OTT Operator. Our powerful Monitoring solution provides unlimited number of TV / Radio Channels monitoring simultaneously over IP or even Video signals as well. Our IP Multiviewer also is able to act as a Compliance Recorder providing you a complete Monitoring tool for your Broadcast facilty.

Complete list of Video parameters that can be analyzed are such as:

Supported Inputs:
- Composite (NTSC, PAL, SECAM);
- Analog (NTSC, PAL, SECAM);
- SD-SDI (SMPTE-259M, 10 bit, 270 Mbit/s);
- HD-SDI (SMPTE-292M, 10 bit, 1,5 Gbit/s);
- DVB-ASI (ETSI EN 50083-9). Bitrate range 0..214 Mbit/s;
- AES / EBU (24 bit/ 192 kHz) channels;
- DVB-T / T2 (ETSI EN 300 744, 302 755);
- DVB-S / S2 (ETSI EN 300 421, EN302-307, EN301-210);
- DVB-C / C2 (ETSI EN 300 429 Annex A/B/C);
- IP / Ethernet (ETSI TS 102 034).

Video input formats:
- MPEG-1 (ISO / IEC 11172-1);
- MPEG-2 (ISO / IEC 13818-1);
- MPEG-4.2 (ISO / IEC 14496-2);
- MPEG-4.10 (H.264, ISO / IEC 14496-10).
- HEVC (ITU-T H.265 High efficiency video coding)

Audio input formats:
- MPEG-2 Layer II (ISO 11172-3);
- Dolby Digital (E-AC3, AC-3, ATSC A.52b);
- AAC / ADTS / LATM / ADIF (ISO / IEC 13818-7, ISO 14496-3);

Data containers:
- MPEG-2 TS (ISO / IEC 13818-1), MPTS or SPTS;
- DVB T2-MI Streams (ETSI TR 101 290-1, А14-1). Option DVB T2MI splitter;

Supported Mobile and Internet streaming (OTT) protocols:
- FLASH RTMP streams (Real Time Messaging Protocol). The support of H.264 video and AAC and MP3 audio streams;
- HLS (HTTP Live Streaming Monitoring); supports encrypted streams
- MMS & MMSH (Microsoft Media Server Protocol & MMS over HTTP);
- RTSP (RFC 1889, 2326, 3550).

- Teletext and Closed Captions (ETSI EN 300 472 , ETS 300 706)
- DVB Subtitles (ETSI EN 300 743)
- EPG (ETSI EN 300 468)
- Digital Program Insertion Cueing Message logging (SCTE-35 over MPEG2-TS)

Supported external events' notification:
- SNMP Trap (RFC 3411-3418, STD0062);
- SNMP Get (RFC 1155, RFC 1212, RFC 1213, RFC 1157, RFC 3411).

Supported Outputs:
- Video: up to 6 VGA, DVI-D, HDMI v.1.3, v1.4 (Video + Audio), DisplayPort.
- Audio: 3,5” mini jack, stereo, unbalanced and balanced, S/PDIF, HDMI, Display Port.
- TSoIP. Encoding Mosaic to IP (Optional): MPEG-2 transport stream, H264 / AVC, HD up to 1080.
- TSoIP. Encoding Video / Audio from input interfaces (SDI / Composite) to MPEG-2 transport stream, H264 / AVC, HD up to 1080.

All measurement errors and clearing are signaled via multiple communication routes:
- On-screen Visualization Alerts
- Audio Alerts
- Visual Alerts in MultiMonitor (State Panel)
- SNMP traps
- Email sending

- Integration of visualization with external devices in accordance with TSL UMD v.5.0 Protocol is implemented.
- Visual object for UMD, which includes 2 indicators and text box, can be added to visualization mosaics.
- Control of UMD is carried out by external devices (like TSL TallyMan controller) in accordance with TSL UMD v.5.0 Protocol.

List of Alarms
Reception and displaying of Video / Audio signals, facilitating instrumental intelligent analysis; and control of input signals for a number of important parameters according to ETSI TR 101-290 (ETR 290) level 1 and 2:

- No license
- Low throughput
- TR-290 TS_sync_loss
- TR-290 transport_error
- TR-290 PAT sections loss
- Service lost
- TR-290 PMT sections error
- TR-290 CAT sections error
- TR-290 PCR repetition error
- TR-290 continuity counter error
- PID scrambled
- PES decoder error
- Black video
- Video aspect ratio
- Audio signal level: overload
- Transport Stream Bitrate
- Teletext page loss
- TR-290 EIT Error
- TR-290 EIT PF Error HLS Transport error
- Sync loss
- Signal loss
- TR-290 sync_byte_error
- TR-290 PAT sections error
- TR-290 PMT sections loss
- TR-290 CAT sections loss
- TR-290 PCR discontinuity indicator error
- PID lost
- RTP sequence error
- TR-290 PTS error
- Decoder runtime error
- Frozen video
- R-128 Loudness Level
- Audio signal level: silence
- Service Bitrate
- Subtitles Loss
- TR-290 EIT Actual Sections Loss
- TR-290 EIT Other Error
Need to quickly relay a LIVE Video stream back to your TV Station for ON-AIR purposes? Our compact LIVE Video Streaming solution is suitable for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) or Outside Broadcast scenario (OB Van). With various IP settings and bitrate that you can configure to deliver your Video stream effectively over WAN or through 3G networks, you can quickly relay back LIVE Video stream to your Station to perform LIVE Censorship before rebroadcasting it out to your viewers.
We carry File Acceleration solutions that will help you to quickly transfer large video files even with a limited Internet bandwidth to a single or multiple destinations with automatic checkpoint restart, watch folders, web browser integration and even a 256-bit AES encryption for a secured data transfer to your recipient.