Is this a one time purchase (perpetual license)?

Yes and we can also do it as a monthly SaaS (OPEX) model that also includes software upgrades and technical support, we can do it either both ways to suit your budget and needs.

Can I use my own corporate logo and favicon?

Absolutely Yes!

Is your OTT CMS fully customizable?

Yes it does! our OTT CMS is fully customizable according to your preference and needs, however each customization will requires a fee for the development depending on how many man days it requires and how complicated the customization will be.

Will you setup everything for us?

The answer is Yes! we will setup everything for you which includes the Origin Server, all you need to do is to give us your preferred domain name (which will be your frontend landing page) and we will do the rest for you. We will also manage the Origin Server for you, leaving you with a peace of mind for you to solely focus on your marketing and strategic alignments in order to sustain and grow your OTT business in the long run.

What about Annual Software Maintenance and Technical Support (ASM&TS)?

Yes we are able to provide the ASM&TS included as part of our service. You may choose from our support plan which is either a Silver or Gold plan. Also any important security patches and updates to our OTT CMS will be provided to you FREE without any hidden charges for as long as you are still under our ASM&TS contract. Please kindly Contact Us for further info if you would like to have a customized SLA (Service Level Agreement) catered to your needs.

Does your OTT CMS cater for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD and PVOD?

Yes to all of them above! You are able to set the amount of subscription fees to be collected from each of those OTT models above according to your preference.

Do I need to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) with my OTT CMS?

The answer is Yes! and the good thing is we are a CDN provider, so you can be rest assured that this important component is already covered as part of our service.

Do I need a Cloud storage?

The answer is Yes! and yet again this is part of our service. We have several storage plans for your disposal. Contact us for more information.

Can I publish my own or others LIVE Channels?

Absolutely Yes! You can insert and publish as many LIVE channels as you wished on our OTT CMS, there is no limit to it.

Do I really need to have a DRM (Digital Rights Management) with my OTT CMS?

The answer is Yes! if you have precious contents that you wished to secure and protect and not let it to be easily stolen or copied. However if you think that most likely there won't be anyone stealing your contents, then chances are you can start your OTT business without a DRM first as you can save tremendously especially if you are just starting up on your OTT business. However, our OTT CMS does include a simple watermark feature which prevents Content theft. In any case, if you feel the need to have a proper DRM instead, please kindly Contact Us for further details.

Does it comes with apps?

The answer is Yes but only for Android! When you purchase or subscribe to our OTT CMS, it comes along with an Android App. If you also need an iOS app, additional development fee will be required,

Can I integrate your OTT CMS with my preferred Payment Gateways?

Absolutely Yes! We are able to integrate as many no. as you wished on your preferred local Payment Gateways for a development fee in order for you to easily and effectively collect fees from your subscribers. However if you feel that there is no need to since you are just starting off, we already have Paypal, Stripe and Razorpay ready for your usage right out-of-the-box.

Does it comes with Analytics?

Yes it does! We have analytics for various data collection such as total no. of current contents or LIVE Channels available in your OTT platform, total no. of subscribers currently active.

Is there a limit or cap on the no. of Subscribers or Contents that I can upload?

No it doesn't! You can have UNLIMITED no. of Subscribers and also no. of Contents uploaded into your own OTT CMS at any time for as long as your cloud storage plan permits.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about our OTT CMS, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Last Updated: October 20, 2021