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MovieRecorder Express

Harga $695.00
Availability: In Stock

Entry-level multichannel edit-while-ingest

• Open and flexible live ingest solution

• Edit-while-ingest (growing files)

• Gang and Schedule recordings

• Automatically detect incoming video format

• Integrated Remote Control

• Automatic file naming and folder creation

• NDI® sources

Movie Recorder

Harga $1,995.00
Availability: In Stock

Multichannel edit-while-ingest on one Mac

• Fully configurable user interface

• NDI® sources

• External audio sources (only on local sources, not supported with NDI®)

• Effects and overlays (8-bit only)

• HEVC (H.265) support

• Save and restore configurations

OnTheAir CG

Harga $2,495.00
Availability: In Stock

Open and intuitive user interface

• Easy-to-use character generator

• Publish Items for use by the OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node attributes

• Output to SDI or NDI®

• Built-in RSS feed

• Crawls (either to left or to right)

• Use an additional video input as background

• Play animated image sequences or videos

• Remotely controllable

OnTheAir Video Express

Harga $995.00
Availability: In Stock

Open playout solution for the Mac

• Supports most file wrappers (QuickTime, MXF, ts)

• Supports most video codecs (Apple ProRes®, Avid DNxHD®, DVCPRO HD, H.264, MPEG-2, XDCAM EX®, XDCAM HD®,...)

• Output to SDI or NDI®

• Still image playback

• Supports clips with alpha channel

• Control playback from production switcher

OnTheAir Video 4

Harga $2,495.00
Availability: In Stock

Open and powerful Playout solution for the Mac

• Dynamic Graphics Overlay (optional)

• Transitions (NEW)

• On-screen Preview (NEW

• Mix-and-match 4K and HD contents in high quality

• Support for Closed Captioning CEA-708 and CEA-608 or Subtitling OP47

• Output to SDI or NDI®

• Actions like secondary events to control CG, routers, ...

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