Amrick Solutions E-Store is committed to protecting your data and privacy. We will not distribute, trade, sell or rent your name, email, address or other personal information that you have provided to us on this site to any other 3rd party or entity.


For security reasons, we only recommend the following prominent browsers for use on this site:

- Google Chrome version 83 or higher,

- Safari Version 13 or higher,

- Firefox version 76 or higher,

- Internet Explorer version 11 or higher, 


All the web browsers above must be updated with the latest patches and JavaScript enabled for added security.


For your safety, we do not recommend older browsers or browsers that are not listed from the above list. Your web browser must also allow limited use of popup to facilitate our store functions to run effectively without any hiccups.


All transactions within Amrick Solutions E-Store are passing through TLS connections, secured with SSL certificate, fully encrypted and are done through PayPal which is a globally trusted and secured payment gateway. Each transaction is monitored in real time and all accounts are analyzed to help prevent fraudulent activities and payments on our site.


Payment through PayPal can be made either in USD or in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) depending on the currency that you have setup your account with PayPal. To complete each transaction, you will automatically be redirected to PayPal's payment gateway each time you perform a checkout from our site. All foreign exchange rates are best reflected as accurately as possible based on current live exchange rates and will be updated daily from time to time.


We also accept payments via Visa or Mastercard even though you do not have a PayPal account, all credit card transactions will still be automatically processed through PayPal's payment gateway during your checkout for a secured and smooth transaction. Alternatively if you are a local company residing in Malaysia, you may also make your payments to us via online bank transfers, please kindly contact us at for further details.


Please kindly visit Paypal website to learn more on their payment and security policies,


Last Updated: 5th May 2020




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