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Caton Technology

Caton Technology

High quality, professional and reliable - CatonNet brings all the benefits of dedicated network services to the market with straightforward pricing and quick and easy setup. With 80% of Internet traffic projected to be video by 2020, the need for reliable, cost effective video delivery is becoming more and more critical.  

CatonNet has been designed specifically to provide domestic and international transmission of video over Open IP networks while providing service assurance, as well as monitoring and full managed services. CatonNet also provides solutions for large file and data transfer, as well as high-bandwidth general data services for the surveilance and video conferencing markets.


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Network Video Processor...
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Network Video Processor (NVP-903)

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All you need for internet streaming

The NVP-903 is the 3rd generation of Caton's Network Video Processor solution. Built on the industry-leading Caton Engine, the NVP-903 offers powerful features and flexible deployment to meet the needs of today's streaming professionals.


Designed for delivery to multiple PC/Mac, mobile and TV platforms, the NVP-903 supports high-quality H.264 encoding and up to 3 simultaneous outputs with independent bitrates and resolutions. NVP-903's native network streaming allows easy deployment for live broadcast, distance learning, video conferencing, and other challenging workflows.

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Fully configurable to meet a wide variety of workflows, the IVP-3000 offers a family of purpose-built modules that support multiple resolutions, formats, and functions. Configure input, output, resolution, encode and decode format, as well as full multiplexing, scrambling and descrambling easily with the IVP-3000.


The IVP-3000 utilizes the Caton Engine, an industry-leading set of adaptive protocols designed for real-time and file-based workflows over the Open Internet, for highly reliable real-time transmission of professional, broadcast-quality video.

LiveCastPro (LCP 300)

Price $7,000.00
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LCP-300 is a portable encoding device with 4G/3G/Wi-Fi transmission capabilities. The LCP-300 utilizes our industry-leading Caton Engine transmission technology to achieve the best cost and quality efficiency for mobile live broadcasting.  The LCP-300 can take advantage of multiple available mobile connections, 3G/4G/Wi-Fi, to guarantee a stable and reliable transmission even in the toughest of environments.

Caton Relay Servers - RSVR-4E

Price $4,000.00
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The Caton Relay Server can be easily deployed to manage complex video. Its built-in web interface provides remote control capability over a standard IP network. The Caton Relay Server can handle complicated video routing using the Caton Engine's R2TP and other supported protocols. Full, real-time, stream-level monitoring provides constant information about bandwidth, jitter, up-time and connection status for network operators. 

The Caton Network Management System (NMS) is a server-side application for monitoring network video  transmissions, software, and hardware on the Caton Network and Caton Relay Servers. The Caton NMS records data and consolidates reporting to a system administrator. 

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CatonPublisher is format independent, it supports 720p, 1080p and 2160p in full resolution transmission to CatonNet.  It supports different frame rates up to 1080p60 and 2160p30.

CatonPublisher supports different industry standard video codec, including high quality HEVC for 4K.

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