1. Amrick Solutions e-Store is equipped with authenticity detection and a payment scoring system to validate each transaction in order to prevent fraud as it passes through our payment gateway be it either through Paypal, credit / debit card or via bank transfer. As we strive to provide a safe shopping environment and experience for all of our customers, DO NOT proceed to make a payment if you:

(a) Have performed more than 2 chargebacks in the past 1 month from the use of your credit card.

(b) Attempt to cheat or for the sake of performing a chargeback through our site.

(c) Are not the sole owner of the Paypal account, credit / debit card or bank transfer that attempts to make a transaction on our e-Store.


2. Failure to adhere to the above will result in not least of the following:

(a) Strictly no refunds will be entertained.

(b) Immediate closure of your account without further notice.

(c) Alert the relevant authorities for your fraudulence.


3. Prior to placing an order on our e-Store, please kindly ensure that all your personal details such as your name, delivery address and contact no. are correct and up-to-date. Failure to input such details correctly will prevent or delay significantly for the ordered items to arrive at your delivery address.


4. Check carefully each order that you are about to place. All orders are accepted without prejudice. Amrick Solutions e-Store will not be responsible for your negligence when placing a wrong order.


5. All bank transfer service charges are to be borne by the buyer themselves. If you have instructed your bank to allot the service charges on us, we will withhold your order until such service charges are settled by you.


6. Orders placed through our e-Store via Paypal or credit / debit card are not cancellable. However you may opt to replace the ordered items with another substitute that is equivalent of the ordered value or lower. If you wished to substitute for lower value goods, no refund can be made for the difference in amount. If you wished to substitute your ordered items for higher value goods, the remaining outstanding balance must be settled via bank transfer.


7. You may cancel your order if you have chosen to pay via bank transfer instead so long as no payment has been transfer yet into our Amrick Solutions Sdn. Bhd. corporate bank account. All bank transfer orders that are not paid within 5 days will automatically be cancelled.

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