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Fully configurable to meet a wide variety of workflows, the IVP-3000 offers a family of purpose-built modules that support multiple resolutions, formats, and functions. Configure input, output, resolution, encode and decode format, as well as full multiplexing, scrambling and descrambling easily with the IVP-3000.


The IVP-3000 utilizes the Caton Engine, an industry-leading set of adaptive protocols designed for real-time and file-based workflows over the Open Internet, for highly reliable real-time transmission of professional, broadcast-quality video.

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The Thor MaximusStar uses USB plug-and-play and a minimal footprint in order to have conference calls over video. Ideal for all sorts of video solutions in eduction, medicine, security; this device uses a simple pan/tilt camera housing with built-in 87° ultra wide-angle fixed lens. With an ability to work remotely solutions are being demanded but needed at a lower cost. The MaximusStar creates a terrific enviornment using a wide angle lens to ensure all parties in a boardroom, house of worship, education instruction, and etc can all be seen. The incredibly simple to use USB plug and play style setup means anyone can use this product within minutes. Almost no setup is required and that is the best possible outcome for most people that are not inherenetly technical. For advanced users there are RS Controls and an easy to use remote control which you can preset up to 9 different angles from. This small and inexpensive setup packs a punch with full 1080p video and can be installed on any desk, ceiling, or wall for maximum viewing. 


Price $860.00
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10.1-inch Portable Field 3G-SDI Monitor

• Model Number: VZ-101FM-E

• 3G SDI – SMPTE 425M-A, 274M, 296M, 125M & ITU-R BT.656

• 12bit to 8bit Processing

• Resolution (1280×800)

• Integrated dust proof front panel, Color Temperature

• Image Flip & Zoom

• Lux Auto Brightness

• Various Markers

• Built-in Speaker

• Check Field: Red, Green, Blue & Mono

• Image Flip, Zoom

• H/V Delay

• Red/Green/Yellow Mode Tally

• Zero, Under, Over, Pixel to Pixel Scan

• Freeze, Clock, Phase

• Precise White Balance & Gamma

• On-Screen Menu

• Shoe Mount, Battery Mount Plate


Price $2,200.00
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Dual HDMI/3G-SDI HEVC 1080p60 Compact Encoder

• Support remote NAS storage or local storage to an external USB device/SD Card.

• Support PIP layout switch and layout preview through an HDMI output.

• Support remote control.

• Support rack mount.

• Encode HEVC directly.

• Support PoE (Power over Ethernet).

• One XLR audio input female receptacle.


Price $1,699.00
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Standalone 6 Channel Multi-format Video Switcher

• 6 channel inputs: 4×SDI and 2×DVI-I/HDMI/VGA/USB player inputs

• 2×SDI & 1×HDMI PGM outputs, 1×SDI AUX output, 1×SDI & 1×HDMI multiview outputs

• Good compatibility, accept multi-format input; PGM/AUX output format selectable

• Remote PTZ camera control: Visca & Pelco protocol

• T-Bar/ AUTO/ CUT transitions and MIX/ FADE/ WIPE effects

• Luma Key/ Chroma Key for virtual studio

• PIP/ POP window size and position adjustable

• Record PGM video to SD card, up to 1080p60

• Audio mixer: XLR/RCA audio & SDI, HDMI, USB embedded audio

Epoch | Neutron

Price $1,795.00
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In an industry that always demands "bigger and better" Bluefish444 have yet again delivered! This time we have gone one step further, the Epoch | Neutron packs a massive amount of power into a form-factor that defies belief. With 3 independent SDI I/O connectors, an HDMI video OUTPUT and options for AES EBU audio I/O, analogue audio OUTPUT, LTC I/O, and RS-422 machine control.

Movie Recorder

Price $1,995.00
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Multichannel edit-while-ingest on one Mac

• Fully configurable user interface

• NDI® sources

• External audio sources (only on local sources, not supported with NDI®)

• Effects and overlays (8-bit only)

• HEVC (H.265) support

• Save and restore configurations


Price $920.00
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7" Multi-channel On-camera LCD Monitor

KVM-7051W,cost-effective 7inch portable monitor.IPS LCD panel with 1024x600 high resolution,adopts metal casing design,supper slim and light weight,camera mountingon all sides.Soft carrying bag,screen protector and replaceable battery plate make it an nice choice for shooting outside.

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Encode to digital H.264 files in real time from professional SDI, HDMI, analog component, S-video and composite video equipment! Get the highest quality 4:2:2 video capture from all popular SD/HD video formats. Connect video cameras and VTRs, including HDCAM, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVD players and much more. H.264 Pro Recorder includes Media Express software for Mac OS X and Windows, which lets you preview and set the video quality of encoded files.


Price $299.00
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CAP-1 SDI to USB 3.0 Capture Box

This is an SDI-USB Capturing device, which supports up to 1080p50/60. Plug and play in the various operating system. It features stereo line in external audio, which can be switched as SDI embedded audio or external line-in audio. There are more flexible and powerful settings for capturing. 

602 Actionpanel Full Color

Price $820.00
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5000 Lux at a 1 m! Incredible light output in ultra-compact dimensions.

Up to 5000 Lux at a 1 m, can you believe it? If you compare these values with those of other RGBWW LED panels that cost ten times more, you will see that they are almost equivalent. We wanted to create a Full Color LED panel that is versatile, compact, ultra-strong, powerful, but above all, economic, so everyone could use state-of-the-art RGBWW LED technology. We managed to do so by studying the best optic and the most efficient dissipation for latest generation LEDs. The Actionpanel Full Color is unrivalled and this is why we suggest you compare the technical features with the best you can currently find on the market.


Price $4,500.00
Availability: In Stock

The ExaSAN RAID System For Your Desktop

A12S3-PS with 12 units of SAS/SATA/SSD HDD support, over 2500MB/s read and 2000 MB/s write performance, making A12S3-PS both powerful yet versatile to handle most tasks associated with 4K editing software and storages. A12S3-PS based on PCIe3.0 technology offers both impressive speed and capacity, which is why production companies select ExaSAN to avoid the high cost and complexity associated with more traditional DAS and SAN solution.


Price $795.00
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3G-SDI Analog Audio Embed/Disembed

The 3G-AMA is a 4-channel analog audio embedder/disembedder with support for 3G-SDI input and output up to 1080p 60. Audio disembedding is always functional, providing four analog outputs. Audio embedding is user selectable, on a channel pair basis, to either pass 3G-SDI input audio or to embed input analog audio from the breakout cable. Analog audio levels are selectable. The 3G-AMA automatically detects and configures to the input video standard.

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PlayBox Technology has incorporated its most advanced playout engine which is the result of over 15 years of experience in developing playout solutions for the world's leading broadcasters.


PlayBox Technology Channel-in-a-Box provides an integrated playout solution for Broadcasters and OTT service providers in a 1RU, 2RU or 3RU server, regardless if you are working with IP or SDI. 


The CIAB will enable you to playout an IP stream or an SDI in SD, HD or UHD. PlayBox Technology’s CIAB takes care of all your scheduling needs and uses simple, clean and engaging HTML5 for your transmission graphics needs including crawlers and rollers.


As you would expect from PlayBox Technology, it offers sophisticated and easy to use automation. We have designed a user friendly ingest which also gives you the ability to FTP your media straight to the Channel-in-a-Box, saving you time.


It is available as a complete turnkey solution for single channel or multichannel HD SDI/SD.

LiveCastPro (LCP 300)

Price $7,000.00
Availability: In Stock

LCP-300 is a portable encoding device with 4G/3G/Wi-Fi transmission capabilities. The LCP-300 utilizes our industry-leading Caton Engine transmission technology to achieve the best cost and quality efficiency for mobile live broadcasting.  The LCP-300 can take advantage of multiple available mobile connections, 3G/4G/Wi-Fi, to guarantee a stable and reliable transmission even in the toughest of environments.

Web Presenter

Price $495.00
Availability: In Stock

Designed for Internet Broadcasting

Blackmagic Web Presenter makes any SDI or HDMI video source appear as a USB webcam for higher quality web streaming using software such as Skype or streaming platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live,, Periscope and more! Blackmagic Web Presenter includes 12G-SDI and HDMI inputs, XLR microphone input, HiFi audio input, Teranex quality down conversion and a 2 input live switcher when used with the optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel.


Price $749.00
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Mini 6 Channel Multi-format Video Switcher

· 6 channel inputs: 4×SDI and 2×HDMI inputs

· 3×SDI/ HDMI PGM outputs, 1×SDI AUX output, 2×SDI/ HDMI multiview outputs

· T-Bar/ AUTO/ CUT transitions and MIX/ FADE/ WIPE effects

· PiP & PoP mode, size and position is adjustable

· Audio mixer: 3.5mm stereo/ RCA audio & SDI/ HDMI embedded audio

· GPIO for Tally

· FTB for emergency situation

701 Smartpanel Dual Color

Price $210.00
Availability: In Stock

Variable colour temperature from 3200 K to 5600 K

The Smartpanel can be mains powered or battery powered. A USB Type-C cable for the power supply is included in the package, but alternatively you can also use common NP-F type batteries or an AC power supply. As in all Lupo products we wanted to create a cool and stylish design for the Smartpanel, but a fundamental feature of this pocket light is also the robustness that derives from the reinforced technopolymer construction. For a very affordable price you will have a small, powerful, durable and extremely robust light.

OnTheAir CG

Price $2,495.00
Availability: In Stock

Open and intuitive user interface

• Easy-to-use character generator

• Publish Items for use by the OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node attributes

• Output to SDI or NDI®

• Built-in RSS feed

• Crawls (either to left or to right)

• Use an additional video input as background

• Play animated image sequences or videos

• Remotely controllable

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