Video Engine 

Smart Playout Engine (FULL)


Seamless playback    



Video Outputs          

PCI Video Cards (AJA, Blackmagic-Design, Deltacast)


Video Outputs Modes          

YUV and ARGB (depending on the card)


External and Internal Keying           

Yes The video card must support external and/or internal Keying in the resolution desired


Scrubbing (move playout at Time position)          



4K capable     

Yes (In "standard mode", i.e. without Dynamic Graphics Overlay, no logo, no intelligent resize, or streaming)


Supported File formats        

QuickTime, MXF OP1a, Transport Stream (.ts), png, jpg, tif, tga… Check the complete list in the

Tech specs section


Supported codecs    

Most i-frames and long-GPO codecs (Apple ProRes®, Avid DNxHD®, AVC-Intra, XDCAM,... Check the complete list in the Tech Specs section


Requires QuickTime codecs installation     



Still image output    



Still logo overlay (png image)         

Yes No additional card required


Dynamic Graphics Overlay support

Yes - Additional software required (OnTheAir CG)


Automatic Resize (automatically resize clips to fit the video output)    



Smart Resize (better quality with interlaced formats)     



Manual Resize (per clip user defined)        



Built-in IP Streaming (without additional card)    

Yes - Additional software required (MovieRecorder 3) No additional card required - available soon


Streaming WITH an additional card (input)          

Yes - Additional software required (MovieStreamer HLS)


Audio/Video buffering         



Maximum Number of outputs per Mac without Dynamic Graphics Overlay, nor intelligent resize

4 HD (one license per output)


Option needed for multiple output           

1 (Subject to hardware)


Maximum Number of outputs per Mac with Dynamic Graphics Overlay, and intelligent resize

One full license per output with all options


Audio Destinations   

Same as video output


Audio Format

Linear PCM, MP3, AAC


Can play audio only files      



Multiple Audio Channels output    



Audio auto-mapping (using QuickTime track languages)



Generate As-run-logs           



Cue Mode      



Edit playlist while it is playing        



Show/Hide Thumbnails       



Audio preview in Inspector 



Import ASCII playlists           



Cross vpls Playlist support   

Open all vpls playlists (but cannot save in .vpls, only in .xpls)


Scheduled Playout   

Yes (option included in standard license)


Event Fixed start time          



Import Schedules     

Open all vpls playlists


Live Events    

Yes (Use live sources such as video devices, NDI, or direct link)


Finder Label  



Clip Trimming



Clip Splitting 



Reference Movie      



MXF Files support     



Clip end Behaviors    

Normal, Stop at End, Hold Last Frame, Play Next Clip, Loop


Create Offline Clip (to program a clip that is not yet present on disk)   



Create Live Clip         






Control Matrix Video Routers         

Yes (requires OnTheAir Switch application - check the list of supported video routers on product page)


GPI output    

Yes (requires GPI Commander Box but doesn't require the extra software as support is built in)


GPI input       

Yes (requires GPI Commander Box but doesn't require the extra software as support is built in)


MIDI Controllable     



Secondary Events     

Yes (Actions)


System Requirements

Minimum System requirements (for one output)

Mac Intel, OS 10.8.4, 4GB RAM


Minimum System requirements (for DUAL output)          

Mac Intel, OS 10.8.4, 8GB RAM Not with Dynamic Graphics Overlay, only video playout


Minimum System requirements (for QUAD output)         

Mac Intel, OS 10.8.4, 16GB RAM Not with Dynamic Graphics Overlay, only video playout


Supported Graphics Cards   

All Graphic cards supported. If you use the Dynamic Graphics Overlay option or the Intelligent resize, you will need a higher end graphic card


Monitor Required ? (DVI Monitor, Mini DisplayPort Monitor or a Switch with Active ports needs to be connected to the MacPro, XServe, Mac mini)       

Yes with Dynamic Graphics Overlay and Intelligent resize Click here to know how to keep Open GL active


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