Video + CG & Graphics Features:


 • Compatible with a vast variety of compression types: MPEG-2, DV, DVCPro, DVCPro HD, AVC/H.264, HAVC/H.265, XAVC etc. 


• Supports a multitude of media containers: MPEG-2 program and transport streams, AVI, QuickTime, MP4, MXF, GXF, LXF etc. 


• SMPTE2016-3 AFD Support 


• Advanced time-based scheduling with automated conflict resolving 


• Simultaneous video scaling of both live input and playlist output 


• Mixing different media formats, frame rates and resolutions in a single playlist 


• Built-in static and animated logos support 


• Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby-E audio media playback and output


• Automatic audio routing and remapping based on audio language, type and other metadata 


• Automatic Loudness Control 


• Live sources from SDI, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MPEG-2 TS (UDP/ RTP), HTTP(S), RTMP, MMS(H) 


• SCTE 104/35 generation for commercial insertion 


• SCTE-104 Decoder for Digital Program/Commercial Insertion (optional) 


• UDP/RTP/RTMP stream output • Metadata support for text-rich graphics insertion 


• Detailed playout log (AsRun log, System log) 


• Live Show Clipboard for on-the-fly event and live stream insertion 


• Third party devices control (video routers, video mixers, DTMF, GPI, etc.) 


• Remote playout control through VDCP, GPI, DTMF, Network API, etc.


• Redundant Playout 


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