Work OS

cost effective Work OS system to keep track of your employees productivity

Amrick Work OS

Now you can own your very own Work OS and forget about paying for monthly or yearly fees again just to keep track of your employees productivity. Our Amrick Work OS is a one time payment (Perpetual License) and you can own it for life.

Technical Support and a customized SLA plan can also be included as an OPTION for those who priortize the importance of having one. You can add as many employees to our Work OS, there is no limit to it and you can keep track all of their tasks in real-time and also in a kanban view.

You can also keep track of your sales leads and projects timeline as you or your team leaders dedicate such task to your employees. You can create as many departments as you like and associate your employees with their roles in their respective department and keep track of their monthly salary or allowances too.

You will also be able to keep track of your accounts and finance transactions and then send a mass announcement to all of your employees or just forward a private message to one of your staff instead.

Our Work OS keeps track of all your employees whenever they check in for their work and when they finally clock out, therefore leaving out any unnecessary arguments as everything is recorded in the logs and all tasks are tracked in real-time from your dashboard.

There is so much more that our Work OS can do, to find out more, click on the following link to checkout our Amrick Work OS in action, if you want to see a LIVE demo or would like to have a test account for trial purposes, please kindly Contact Us for more details.